We’re finally here!

Posted on Dec 15, 2014

How did we get here?

Moodus Veterinary Practice was founded by myself and my husband, Stephen Crosby. We both grew up in New England and we love it here. After moving to Moodus, we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. We can be in the country, close to the river, outdoor activities galore, the ocean, beaches, parks all nearby… but can be in New York City or Boston within a couple of hours. We knew this is where we wanted to stay. But how did we get here?

I graduated from veterinary school in 1998 from the University of Pennsylvania. I loved emergency medicine – the fast pace of emergencies and thinking on my feet. I was good at it, too. I excelled at taking a very sick or injured pet and, acting quickly yet calmly, giving them the best chance at survival. After a 1 year internship I applied to Emergency and Critical Care residencies. It was competitive – at the time there were only 4 programs in the United States – and I was accepted into the program at Tufts University.

After another rigorous 3 years, during which I studied with and was mentored by veterinarians who were at the top of their fields, I passed the credentialing process and a 3-day examination to become board-certified in Emergency and Critical Care in 2002. My first job after residency was at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston. I spent 4 years there training veterinary students, interns, and residents. Angell had started a residency in Emergency and Critical Care and I became the director of the program. I trained numerous veterinarians along the way.

I met my husband at Angell, he was a technician in the anesthesia department. After a few years we were married, and had moved on to jobs in New Hampshire and even spent a little time in Ohio before returning east to Connecticut. During that time we had our first daughter, and Stephen underwent advanced training and examination to become technician-certified in anesthesia (VTS-anesthesia). I was still practicing as a specialist in large referral hospitals, returning here to Connecticut to work at Central Animal Hospital (formerly New Haven Central Hospital) as director of Emergency and ICU services.

I was at Central for almost 5 years. I still loved what I did… mostly. But seeing only sick and injured animals, all the time, takes its toll after 16 years. And I never really got to know my clients – after I cared for their pet on an emergency basis they would have to return to their “regular” vet. While I know many veterinarians who shy away from contact with people (I’ve known some who would even sneak out the back door, trying to avoid seeing clients in the waiting room), I enjoy speaking with people and getting to know them as well as their pets. How else can I help them make difficult decisions when it comes to their fuzzy loved ones? How else will they learn to trust me?

Driving two hours a day to get to work and back, with now two little girls at home, was also taking a toll. I decided it was time for Stephen and I to open our own place, close to home. Routine care is the easy part, which I can also enjoy, but I can additionally offer my clients top-notch (specialist) care should their pet be ill or injured, limiting the times they would have to be sent off to a referral facility. I can get to know my clients so they have someone they can trust when they do need to make difficult decisions. While my advanced skills and training may not be needed day in and day out, they can be called upon when necessary. In the meantime, I can provide the wellness services and preventative care needed to help pets live to their healthiest potential.

So, with some help and support of family and friends, Moodus Veterinary Practice (“MVP”) was born. Andrea Rock, a highly competent, certified, and skilled technician I worked with at Central came on board, and the three of us set out to build a practice that could grow into an extension of your family. We created a home-like atmosphere where you and your pet can be as comfortable as possible. Stephen and I live a mile down the road, and often can be reached after-hours – don’t hesitate to call if there is a problem. If I see you while I am out shopping, please say hello – I would love to have a quick chat, or an update on your pet or your family. And please, we’re neighbors… call me Anna.