About Us

Why Moodus Veterinary Practice?

We opened Moodus Veterinary Practice to return to a different style of veterinary medicine. The profession has changed a lot in the past 30 years; there is a trend towards larger hospitals, corporate ownership, more advanced therapies and higher costs. With our specialist-level training we will still be able to offer advanced care to our patients, but want to do that in an environment that is comforting, friendly, and personal.

Moodus Veterinary Practice wants to be your “home-town” vet. We live here. Our children go to school here. We care about the community and our neighbors. We are not owned by a corporation and we are not working to support corporate executives. We want to get to know you and want to be here for you and your pets, as much as possible. You will often be able to reach us for emergencies after hours, on weekends, and holidays. We will make house calls in certain situations, such as performing a home euthanasia. You will, almost always, be seeing the same staff each time you come in. We see dogs, cats, rabbits, small “pocket pets” (rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, hedge hogs), and will even see an occasional backyard chicken if ill or injured. We do not do large animals or food production animals, but can refer you to vets who do!

Our facility:

lobbyIt was important to us to build our practice based on our home town values. We renovated the Cashman House, built in 1900, on Grist Mill Road (between the Moodus Package Store and Grist Mill Market). We wanted the practice to retain its home-like atmosphere, and we took care to preserve the turn-of-the-century architectural feel of the home, including keeping the original built-in dining room corner buffet which now stores our surgical supplies. While our treatment and surgery suites are sophisticated, our waiting room and exam rooms have a home-like feel. We hope this is peaceful and warming to our patients and our clients. If you do have to wait at all, enjoy our wi-fi or help yourself to a cup of coffee, cider, or iced tea.

Our Staff:

We have a unique history such that we can offer experienced, cutting-edge, compassionate care as well as general medicine and surgery. Dr. Anna Crosby has worked for over 16 years in large, multi-specialty referral hospitals and Universities. She holds board-certification as a specialist in Emergency and Critical care, making her one of fewer than 10 veterinarians in the state with these credentials. She has worked alongside cardiologists, internists, surgeons, and other specialists. If she doesn’t have the answer to a problem, she usually knows where to find it.

Stephen Crosby is a certified veterinary technician (CVT) with over 15 years of experience. He is also technician-certified in anesthesia (VTS-Anesthesia/Analgesia), making him one of fewer than 10 technicians in the state with these credentials. If your pet is undergoing anesthesia you want someone with his experience and training at the helm.


No general practice can provide all possible services. There will be times when a patient will be best cared for by another specialist, or at a 24-hour facility. In these cases Dr. Anna will make recommendations for referral, or advise a second opinion. There are times when a referral is not a financial option, as 24-hour care becomes quite costly. In these instances, she will use her years of advanced training and expertise to provide the best care she can, within her capabilities and within the financial limitations of the client.

Costs and paying for your visit:

Veterinary care has become increasingly high-tech, and increasingly expensive. While there are costs to providing medical care and running a business, our goal is to keep costs as reasonable as possible by running our business responsibly. Please talk to us about concerns you may have over the cost of care and let us help you try to find a treatment plan that is affordable. Payment is expected at time of service and we accept cash, personal checks, credit cards, and Care Credit.

Giving Back:

We feel strongly that the community supports us and we need to support our community. Moodus Veterinary practice will give at least 1% of net profits back to the community. This may be to the local schools, local libraries, food banks, or other local organizations that need a little support.